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Inflatable Airplane

Airbus A319-100

Lufthansa Group


Registration: D-AGWM (MSN 3839)


Caution: Keep away fromsmall children. The thin film may cling to nose and mouth and prevent breathing.


Inflation instructions:
1. For best results, inflate by blowing into valve with mouth only.
2. Do not over-inflate. Do not attemt to remove every wrinkie from inflatable.
3. Where there are multiple sections inflate slowly, allowing air to seep into smaller sections.
4. Pinch valve at base with fingers and insert plug into valve opening.
5. Press closed valva into inflatable so that it is flat with the surface.


Do not inflate with air compressor or any high pressure hose at filling station. Do not jerk on valve stems.


Maintenance and deflation:
1. Do not drag over sharp objects or surfaces.
2. Avoid contact with hot or sharp objects.
3. To clean, rinse in lukewarm water and air dry.
4. Warning: the inflatables must have room temperature before they are inflated because you may otherwise risk a temperature shock and can become defect.
5. No toy, promotional collectors item.


Vinyl plastic repair patch instructions:
1. Cut to required size depending upon hole or puncture.
2. Thoroughly clean damaged surface and allow to dry for a minimum of 10 minutes.
3. Remove vinyl patch from paper backing.
4. Press patch firmly over hole or puncture.
5. Do not inflate for 20 minutes.


Brand: PPC
Colors: Black - Bordeaux - Grey - Red - Silver - Yellow
Material: Synthetic
Condition: New
Dimensions (cm): Model: 130 x 135 / Bag: 3,5 x 20 x 22
Weight (g): 402

Aufblasbar - Gonflable - Inflatable - Opblaasbaar
Country: Germany

Germanwings Inflatable Airplane Airbus A319-100 D-AGWM

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